Collaborations In Research

Collage: “A composition of objects that do not touch – but nonetheless participate in the same intimacy” (Matisse in the Studio, Exhibition, Royal Academy 2017)

Andy: It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I gazed upon the pastels, paints, wool, glitter and marker pens spread across the table as I tried to conjure up my biographical self and reflect upon the experience of becoming… something or other. Gazing into the vast pristine, empty expanse of A3 I really did not know where to start. Having such a broad brief was helpful and soon thoughts began to take on some shape as I scanned magazines and newspapers for imagery that provoked and reflected some tentative thinking. My ‘collage’ became organised around reflections on a lifelong awareness of learning and how I have become involved in the learning of others through my social work practice, teaching and more latterly, my…

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