Collaborative ‘zines’

Collaborations In Research

Andy and Julie: When we were discussing a potential topic for our zine, we were both drawn to the notion of how we use ‘the self’ in both applied social work and participatory research practice. Julie recounted a story about ‘emotional labour’ (Hochschild 1979, 1983) during recent research encounters and the demands and intensity of ‘the interview’, whether this is online as in her doctoral research (Parsons 2014) or face-to-face. We agreed that there was a need for self-awareness and management of the power and politics inherent in all research (professional) relationships. Andy mentioned an identity questionnaire he uses with his students and how important this can be when thinking through one’s sense of self. Also, how it might be used when negotiating power and privilege in research relationship (indeed in all relationships).

When putting the zine together we decided to include a word cloud as a centre piece. So…

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